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Making Unique Handmade Gifts that give joy to you and your loved ones

Perovskia Rose handmade shop is dedicated to Jesus Christ the Eternal King. Without Him, I can do nothing.  And in Him, all things are possible!

It is my goal to create beauty in my own small corner of the world. 

From my youngest days, I admired Anne of Green Gables. I must have watched the entire Anne series a few dozen times.  Mind you each new part of the series was hours long! 
Anne is someone who found significance in ordinary moments, people, and places.   Her ability to see beauty and meaning in something that would otherwise go unnoticed is very inspiring to me. 
I hope to inspire kindred spirits with the kind of imaginative insight Anne had when she saw the delights of the world with a heart thankful to God for everything.  

The Meaning Behind the Name Perovskia Rose

The name for this shop is taken from the beautiful Perovskia flower combined with the timeless rose flower.

Both of my grandmothers were fond of roses and flowers. And though both had their family roots in different parts of the world, they established the garden of their lives and their own families in the United States. Here, we grew up to love the freedom that our ancestors held sacred and without a price.

My maternal Grandma had a beautiful rose ring that my Mom would let me try on as I wished. She said my Grandma would say "Give me flowers while I'm alive and can enjoy them!" I hope the gifts here will be an easy way to extend that kind of thoughtfulness and love my Grandma appreciated to friends and family in your own life.

My Irish paternal grandmother also had a beautiful fondness for roses, planting beautiful roses in her garden. Rose had to be a cornerstone of my shop's identity because it reminds me of the undying concern and care provided by loved ones now with God.




Crafts in Development:  

This year, our shop will be getting into crafting a few new items.  

  • foiled planners
  • foiled planner stickers
  • items for your family pets 



Do you have anything to recommend that we make?  Please send a detailed message to so I can consider what you'd like to see here. 


*Please note, I do not reply to marketing emails.  Many inquiries come per day so I have to prioritize my work and customers. 

If you have an order based question, please do send a note and I will get back to you ASAP.  I truly rely on word of mouth and great customers! 

 ☘ Please give a kind word to your friends about my shop.  ☘

Thank you for visiting me shop.  It is my great goal to provide you a wonderful experience if you place an order here.  Please let me know if I can do anything to help.  






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