For all my endeavors- past, present, and to come, I entrust each to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and seek his blessings now and always. He is my Savior and my God. I entrust my art and work to Christ's Kingdom insofar as any of it brings honor to Him.

The Name Meaning

My inspiration for my handmade work is the fictional character of Lucy Maude Montegomery's novels, Anne of Green Gables. She had a lovely approach to capturing the beauty of nature around her. A rose would not just be a rose to Anne, but a mysterious vessel of hopes and dreams before one's eyes!

If I am making anything new for the shop, you can guarantee that I would want to craft the whole item in such a way as to obtain a compliment from the likes of the modern day Anne Shirley's of this world. Anne would call such aimiable, contemplative, and discerning people "kindred spirits". I devise my new products for these people. People who find the silver lining despite their difficult circumstances. People who can envision beauty and purpose where there was a dearth of beauty before!

A rose where there was only snow. The scent of Russian Sage on an evening breeze long removed from winter winds.

In crafting the brand name for my shop, I had to craft a really beautiful and meaningful name. One that would capture that sense of mystery that Anne Shirley so aspired to in the exquisite world of PEI she inhabited fictionally of course!

"Rose" was high on my hopes for a shop name, but I was looking to pair the name with some other whimsical flower.

One of my favorite artworks of a rose has a beautiful wispy flower behind it. In my search for such a flower, I came across the Perovskia flower.

Its beautiful wispy stems of blooms seemed like the exact flower I was looking for. The named sounded lovely and sophisticated. The name is what I wanted to convey to my customers. Proving products in a way that it is an out of the way hidden gem of quality and meaningful craftsmanship.

New Items...

Crafts in Development:  

This year, our shop will be getting into crafting a few new items.  

  • foiled planners
  • foiled planner stickers
  • items for your family pets 



Do you have anything to recommend that we make?  Please send a detailed message to so I can consider what you'd like to see here. 


*Please note, I do not reply to marketing emails.  Many inquiries come per day so I have to prioritize my work and customers.  If you have an order based question, please do send a note and I will get back to you ASAP.  I heavily rely on word of mouth and great customers!  Please give a kind word to your friend about my shop.  :)