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Perovskia Rose

5 Garden Rose Soaps, Light Violet Rose Soap Favors, Wisteria Scent

5 Garden Rose Soaps, Light Violet Rose Soap Favors, Wisteria Scent

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hese beautiful handcrafted soaps bring a blooming garden of light violet rose to your home. Each soap is delicately scented with a sweet wisteria fragrance, making them perfect for a special occasion favor or just for everyday use. With five in a set, you can enjoy a blooming garden of roses every day!


What you receive:
❤️ Set of 5 rose soaps
❤️ 1 Gift box


Light Violet (Mica Colorant) 


Height: ~2 1/8"
Diameter: ~3 1/8
Weight: ~ 2.6 oz


The lather on this soap is best in a high steam shower. Normal hand washing will produce low lather. The micas and fragrance are all approved for bathwater.


Fragrant Wisteria Scent 

✨Soap Ingredients:

Glycerin (Vegetable glycerin), Sodium stearate,
Sodium myristate, Sodium cocoate, Coconut oil,
Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Purified water, Cocoa butter, Titanium dioxide
Soap base made in Canada

🌻Additives to Soap:

Apricot Oil
Coconut MCT oil (Possible)

I don't use FD&C dyes for this soap. I use mica colorants. The mica particles do cause some bubbling to occur in the soap on the bottom petals so please be aware of that effect.

Please note that if selecting a mica color, there may be bubbles on the bottom of the soap petals at the lowest tier. I do my best to minimize bubbles but I avoid using alcohol spray which is usually used to pop the bubbles.

Best Usage Recommended:

Please use soap within 4-6 weeks for best results. Scent fades if exposed to normal conditions.  Color may change over time.  

Shipping Info:

Please find our up to date shipping and processing time information here. 


Refund Policy:

Please review our refund policy here:    Free returns for 30 days except for Soap Collection items.  Since this item is a soap, it cannot be returned.  Please try a small order before purchasing a larger quantity to see if it meets your specifications.  

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