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6 Rose Flower Soap Bars, White Rose Soap, Floral Scent

6 Rose Flower Soap Bars, White Rose Soap, Floral Scent

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Discover the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom with these 6 Rose Flower Soaps. Their floral scent will bring a delightful aroma to any room, and their beautiful rose shape will top off any décor. Each soap is crafted with the utmost care to ensure a luxurious lather and gentle cleansing.

Rose Soap Flower Gift Type:

🤍Hard, smooth, work to lather
🤍Cocoa butter
🤍 Subtle Unique Floral Scent 


Rose Soap Flower Gift Soap Dimensions:

⚪Across largest width ~2.5"
⚪Height is less than 2"(~ 1.75")


🤍Vegetable glycerin
🤍sodium stearate
🤍sodium myristate
🤍sodium cocoate
🤍cocoa nucifera (coconut) oil
🤍elaeis guineensis (palm) oil
🤍helianthus annus (sunflower) oil
🤍purified water (aqua)
🤍theobroma cacao (cocoa butter)
🤍titanium dioxide
(Soap base made in Canada)

Our Added ingredients:

🤍Option of essential oil or fragrance
🤍 apricot kernel oil


In short, use soap within 1-2 months for best quality experience. Since we add natural essential oil and apricot kernel oil the soap tends to sweat over longer periods of no use.

Scent Options: 🎉

💛Your choice of essential oil or fragrance oil if needed.
💛Alternatively, you can select the floral fragrance which is a subdued floral that leaves a nice scent on the hands. It is not rose per se but a beautiful floral scent.



Please follow all applicable safety guidelines when using soap with fragrance.    


Our rose soap flower gift is a bit on the hard side so you can expect it to hold up well in warmer weather. 
However, if you need to get a better lather, use warm water.
Yet, the lather is not super bubbly as we include apricot kernel oil in the soap.
The lather seems great in a steam shower environment.


Rose Soap Shipping:

Firstly, we try to use exclusively UPS shipping to ensure highest quality experience. You can also help this smooth shipping process.  For instance, please ensure that your address is serviced by UPS or have it sent to a friend who is serviced by UPS.

Similarly, some rural areas may not experience the fast shipping if UPS is unavailable in our postal app for the specific address.

Additionally, if you order more than 1 rose soap flower in the same batch we will ship them together in a larger box rather than individual boxes.


Shipping Info:

Please find our up to date shipping and processing time information here. 

Refund Policy:

Please review our refund policy here:    Free returns for 30 days except for Soap Collection items.  Since this item is a soap, it cannot be returned.  Please try a small order before purchasing a larger quantity to see if it meets your specifications.  

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