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Beeswax Advent Candles, Natural Honey Scented USA Beeswax Colonial Taper Set of 4 for Advent Wreath, USA Cotton Wick, USA Packaging, Christmas Gift


 Beeswax Advent Candles! Gift the tradition of naturally fragrant beeswax Advent candles this Christmas season as we joyfully await the birthday of Jesus Christ.   This set of 4 Colonial  Beeswax Advent candles is handmade from USA-sourced beeswax, and features a natural honey scent.  Beeswax primed wicks are made of...

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 Beeswax Advent Candles!

Gift the tradition of naturally fragrant beeswax Advent candles this Christmas season as we joyfully await the birthday of Jesus Christ.


This set of 4 Colonial  Beeswax Advent candles is handmade from USA-sourced beeswax, and features a natural honey scent.  Beeswax primed wicks are made of cotton.

Perfect for an Advent wreath, these handmade Advent Candles come in decorative packaging for an extra-special touch.

This set of 4 hand poured USA beeswax Advent candles makes a great Thanksgiving gift.

All Made in the USA (except for dye sourced from Europe)


What you receive 

❤️1 pink

❤️ 3 purple

10" colonial beeswax Advent candles (~9.75" excluding wick.


Please note, the pink candle is slightly larger / taller after curing that the purple.)

✅ Big Update: we have switched to a new 🇺🇲 USA sourced beeswax with natural honey scent for the pink beeswax Advent candles.

NEW option:

Candle Followers from the store Brass and Silver Traditions. With permission we are now offering an addon option if you would like to purchase followers that go with our beeswax Advent candles and neutralize the drip. They will be shipped in the vendor's original packaging. You can also buy them direct from Amazon from the Brass and Silver Traditions store at the link below in our section in candle followers. The best pricing is with the original vendor at Amazon. We keep limited stock to ship the same day that we ship your order.

Natural Honey Scent:

Please note: the pink handmade Advent candle is made with triple filtered white wax so doesn't have the same strength natural honey scent the other three purple beeswax advent candles have.


Pure beeswax

Not adulterated with other waxes, except for dye flakes (see below)
Purple Candles- Natural Honey Aroma, USA Beeswax
Pink Candles- White wax base, USA beeswax as of 10.12.22

Beeswax Advent Candles Wicks:

- Braided 100% Cotton,
- Manufacturer Markets it as Lead Free
- Made in USA
- I prime the wicks with beeswax before hand pouring the candles
- I do not notice appreciable soot coming off into the air from this wick.
- Some smoke after you extinguish it as would be expected by burning a cotton wick.
- Not self-trimming
- Wick trimming regularly whenever the wick gets above 1/2" is very important for safety.

***If the wick is allowed to burn too long it will bend and pieces could flake off leaving embers. So please be very mindful of the wick size any time you are burning these candles.**** The first 20 minutes the wick will need to be trimmed. Then usually every 30-40 minutes thereafter.


10" tip to base (~9.75" excluding the wick)
Width: ~3/4""
Base: ~3/4" at very bottom flares to ~1in at the top of the base (About 1" from bottom)
See the section on candle follower accessories below for a nice way to stop the drip.
Weight: ~2.7 oz

Dye Flakes:

-Made in Europe
-Soy wax based
-Used at low percent ~0.2%

🕯️Please note the pink candle color may vary by batch.


🕯️Without candle followers, there was dripping. Recommend to use glass candle sticks rather than a traditional wreath holder. That way you can move the candles around inside your wreath to ensure the wreath doesn't get wax on it. Some wax will get on the candle holder base as well if you do not use 7/8" brass candle followers.

Candle Followers (Not included):
Candle followers are an optional candle accessory to help mitigate wax drips. In my tests with them, there was absolutely no dripping at all. Candle followers are a great option to stop the drip and they look lovely as well. Use 7/8" followers.

Demonstration of candle followers:

Burn Differences By Color:
🕯️There are variations in the burn time. The rose wax has been triple filtered so it may have lost some natural additives perhaps found in the yellow beeswax.

Beeswax Advent Candle Safety 🦺:

🕯️Keep a jug of water or fire extinguisher nearby for safety.
🕯️Keep all flammable items out of the way of the candle. Imagine if anyone could hit it where would it fall. Clear that area of potential flammable items in case of accident.
🕯️VERY IMPORTANT🚨🚨🚨 Wick Trimming
Trimming the wick is very important! And remove the trim. Don't let it burn in the pool of wax. In my tests I had to trim every 40 minutes or so. Yet, if you see a dropping or long (>1/2" ) wick or the flame is getting larger than 1" it's time to blow out and Trim the wick. The first trim will need to be made about 20-30 minutes into the burn time.
🕯️After 20-30 min initial burn or when the wick is nearing 1/2" or drooping, trim.
🕯️Extinguish the candle and trim the wick. The wick should not exceed 1/2".
🕯️After initial trim, extinguish and trim wick every 30-40 minutes.
🕯️Use a candle snuffer / candle extinguisher.
🕯️ This is not a self trimming wick. Any charred wick has to be trimmed by hand. If you blow the candle out, piece of embers can fly off. Be sure to douse embers of any kind.
🕯️Also be careful when collecting the trimmings because the char can stain a tabletop.
🚨🕯️Be sure there are no embers. It's good to douse the charred piece in water before discarding if they have any ember in them. A candle snuffer will help mitigate any flying embers that might occur with blowing out the candle.
🕯️Re-light after trimming to ~1/4". I recommend awaiting 20 minutes before relighting so the wax can cool.
🕯️Remember not to let the trimmings go into the melt pool.
Discard the wick trimmings so they don't interfere with the subsequent burns.
🕯️Keep away from babies, children, and pets.
🕯️Beeswax may be an allergen for some people.
Consult doctor if any disease / medical condition is present before use.
There is some smoke after extinguishing the candle.
🕯️Keep candles at least 3" apart for best burn outcome
🕯️Trim wick to height of candle follower if using a follower. Usually 1/4"
🕯️Never burn the candle for longer than 40 minutes.
The wick needs to be trimmed regularly because it's a natural cotton wick, not self- trimming

Burn time:
🕯️🌲Will vary based on temperature of the room. I tested in 77°F.
Uncured candles without followers:
Pink: TBD (new USA beeswax)
Purple: 8+ hrs.

Cured (cure time >=2weeks) with brass followers when burning:
Rose: TBD (new USA beeswax)
Purple: ~12 hrs.

If you cut your wick too short or if your environment is much colder than 77°F (our test environment) your candle may not light or burn as our tests showed. Trim a little of the wax away before lighting to expose the wick. If you have any issue we would be glad to make you a candle with a replacement thicker wick for colder places. Please let us know how to make you a repeat customer. 👍

Shipping Info:

Please find our up to date shipping and processing time information here. 


Refund Policy:

Please review our Refund policy (

Candles need a lot of extra packing so we made it a priority to pack them safely.

Gift box:
Crafted with a beautiful design box with a popular Advent prayer called St. Andrew's Christmas novena. It's a cherished prayer for me and I hope it brings great joy to your family as well to contemplate the words about the Baby Jesus in the Stable.

Candle Followers ADDON:
Please note: glass holder and brass tone followers are not included in this order. This order is just the candles. You can add 4 individual 7/8 brass candle followers for an added fee.

Handle with Care
Please remove the candles very slowly and gently from the cannister. It is packed with bubble wrap so it may take a little time to remove the candles slowly.

Please note: Each candle comes out differently! We try to only work on low humidity days, but some surface variations are present. Rough finish surface or some discolored areas may occur. There may be some small bubbles in the candle surface from where the wax didn't totally adhere to the mold.

Some candles may be slightly taller than others and some may bow slightly. Feel free to bend them gently to fit your candle holder straight. I try to trim them equally. I melt the bottoms to make the candle more flat. The candle size is ~10". The bottom is a fairly rough finish, even with flattening, and the gripping sides can be a little smushed due to demolding. However, they do fit nicely into the standard glass candle holder available at many retailers.

Caution:. Do not use if the candle is cracked anywhere. Please let us know right away if any are damaged due to possibly cold shipping temps and we will get replacements to you asap.
There is some discoloration that occurs randomly with each candle so there may be small imperfections such as areas or discolored spots or scratches on the surface of the candle.

Protect Your Tabletop:
The candle dye does bleed on surfaces even with a cured candle so be sure to protect your surface from potential dripping or stains. These look beautiful within an Advent Wreath, just be sure to keep any materials free of the dripping wax.

Also, these candles are not blessed so it is always nice if a priest can bless them.

Thank you for your support and orders. It is a real joy to make these.

Reach Out!
Thanks for keeping us informed about your experiences! We hope you really enjoy these beeswax advent candles with beeswax sourced 100% from USA apiaries.

If you liked this listing, check out the green colored beeswax candles in my shop as well! They are also naturally fragrant like these purple beeswax taper candles.

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