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Perovskia Rose

Festive Advent Taper 10" All USA beeswax, & Cotton Wick, Set of 4 Standard Tapers, Serene Burn

Festive Advent Taper 10" All USA beeswax, & Cotton Wick, Set of 4 Standard Tapers, Serene Burn

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2023 is our 4th Year Making Beeswax Advent Candles!  

Beeswax Advent Candles made of premium USA 🇺🇲 beeswax and 100% cotton wick.

As we prepare to cherish the birth of Christ, we light Advent Candles, one by one each week to count down to this Sacred Day.

These beeswax Advent candles candles will burn for about 6-8 hrs depending on your home temperature.

❤️What you get❤️
Beautiful 10" Tapers.
3 purple
1 pink

Very low drip.
Burn time in our tests:
Purple about 8 hrs
(Leave 1.25 inches unburnt for safety).

Beeswax sourced all in the USA.

Premium square braid cotton wick for long burn.

Dye flakes: sourced from Europe, soy wax based. We use a small fraction of a percent of the candle weight. The colors are beautiful and vibrant.

Plain box packaging.

These come with the decorative box shown in the photos.

Please allow for surface imperfections which come in the molding process.

Candle Safety:
🦺 Trim wick, don't let it get above 3/4" in length between trims. Always trim safely with fire extinguished.
⚠️Keep a fire extinguisher nearby when burning. Never leave the candle alone or around babies, children, or pet.
🦺 Do not burn candle longer than 1 hour. Extinguish and safely trim wick.
⚠️ Keep all flammable items away from wick
⚠️ Do not burn in presence of pets, animals, or babies,.or anyone wth medical conditions / beeswax allergies, pregnancy unless it is safe to do so as per your own medical decisions.
⚠️ Smoke is produced when candle is extinguished due to 100% cotton wick. Open a window or ventilate the room when extinguishing.
⚠️ Do not burn last 1.25" of candle for safety reasons.

Why are these lower priced than our colonial tapers?
Well the candle is much faster to make. The candle demolds quicker so we can process these more speedily than the longer curing time required for the bigger candles. Also we use about an ounce less wax to prepare each of these candles.

Thank you for patronizing our shop! I love to make candles. Please let me know if you like your candles and if there is anything I can do to help.


Shipping Info:

Please find our up to date shipping and processing time information here. 

Refund Policy:

Please review our refund policy here:    Free returns for 30 days except for Soap Collection items.  Please try a small order before purchasing a larger quantity to see if it meets your specifications.  

For longer burning tapers, check out our Colonial Tapers 10" made of premium USA beeswax as well.

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